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-= VT750C Aero =-

This is my 2004 VT750C Aero. I purchased this bike new off the showroom floor in September of 2005 about two weeks after Hurricane Katrina. I rode it until I purchased the VTX in June of 2006 then it became my wife's bike.

I had the bike painted dark grey shortly after buying it. I hated the original colors of black and "burple." "Burple" is that blueish-purple color and I absolutely hate it. It was the first thing to go. Other changes include:

-Thunder Mfg round style intake

-jetted for intake and pipes

-Cobra "Streetrod Slashdown" exhaust

-MC Enterprises floorboards with heel/toe shifter

-braided clutch, throttle, and brake lines

-Easy Brackets removable saddlebags

-LED lighting throughout with run/turn/brake controller

-turn signals relocated to license plate to clear saddlebags

-Cruiser Performance "T-Bars"

-VTX mirrors and front turn signals

-painted gloss black engine

-Barnett clutch and springs

-aftermarket clutch and brake levers

I used the VTX turn signal mounts and mounted the stock VT750 turn signals to them. A little fancy wiring and they work fine and look a whole lot better than the original mounting.

MC Enterprises heel/toe shifter. A welcome addition. Now you can ride without scuffing up your fancy boots.