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2003 Harley Davidson VRSCA (V-Rod)

100th Anniversary Edition


In 2009 I decided to sell my VTX1800 which I had been riding for several years. Although I enjoyed the bike, I wanted something that had stock wheels/tires and stock suspension to travel on. I researched bikes for a bit and narrowed it down to a few models I liked. I came across this bike for a good deal on Ebay and purchased it.



The 100th Anniversay Edition VRSCA comes unpainted. They have polished aluminum body tins with a silver frame.

Modifications include:

-"Topless" intake with K&N air filter

-Stage I ECM reflash

-PCMIII USB fuel computer

-Screamin' Eagle slip-on exhaust

-a bunch of misc. chrome pieces added

The V-Rod is a fun bike weighing in at about 650 lbs. with a 9000 RPM redline. I use this bike for everyday riding and traveling so I added saddlebags. My main complaint is the 3 gallon gas tank. Newer model V-Rods come from the facotry with a bigger tank but you have to buy an aftermarket tank ( to increase the older bikes fuel capacity.