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1977 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham


I know very little about the history of this car. I purchased it from a third party who bought the original owners estate after he passed away. The guy I bought the car from bought the deceased original owner's land/house and gained possession of the car since it was parked in the garage of the property. He never titled the car and sold it to me, making me the second owner. I have the original bill of sale showing it purchased in 1977 in Birmingham, AL (which is where I bought it). The original owner was apparently a fan of Cadillacs because he traded a 1971 Cadillac in on this 1977.

I flew up to Birmingham and drove the car home. It rode perfectly. It never fails to start on the first try. On the highway it gets fairly good gas mileage for a 425 CI motor. I used a little under 1/2 a tank of gas driving 250 miles on the highway at approx. 70 mph.

Since purchasing the car I have done only very minor work to it. I replaced the heater core and radiator. The heater core was bypassed when I purchased the car and the radiator had a very small leak so I bought a new one. I installed a Pioneer CD/MP3 player and new speakers. I still have the original radio/speakers and an uncut dash if anyone wanted to restore the car to a horrible, almost worthless 30 year old radio and speakers. Other than that, I just drive the car. It starts fine everytime, drives fine, stops fine. I'd say it's mechanically excellent. The brakes appear to have been redone sometime recently before I purchased the car. Also, the exhaust appears brand new, still having the stickers on the pipes.

All power options work on the vehicle except the power antenna. All the fiber optics work except the driver's side rear window indicator. As you'll see in the pics, that fin has been replaced and possibley the line is not connected or broken. I have not checked. The heater core is brand new but not hooked up. The passenger side outside mirror has a broken cable so it is fixed in place and nonadjustable. One fin on the driver's side rear appears to have been replaced. It seems to be a slightly different shade of gold and has no striping on it.

This is by no means a "show car" but I don't deal in those anyway. I purchase vehicles I intend to drive and enjoy. I could care less if I enter it into a show or a museum. I've never understood people who pay tens of thousands of dollars for a "show car" and never drive it. This is however a very nice drivable and enjoyable antique Cadillac. With minimum effort it could be pretty spotless.

This 1977 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham has a 425 V8/400 transmission with a 4BRL carb. Car has approx. 83,xxx original miles on it as of May 2008. I have put less than 800 miles of this car since I bought it, including 250 on the drive home. I drive this car around town on errands and to take the wife out to eat but not for much else. I ride motorcycles most of the time.

So if you are interested in purchasing this car look over this list:

The Good:

-dash has no cracking at all

-very nice interior with only a small bit of fading on rear seats, no rips or tears anywhere.

-engine/drive train is in great shape

-motor doesn't smoke/use oil/make funny noises, the car doesn't use or drip any fluids, transmission shifts smoothly

-frame is not rusty at all, in fact there is only one spot of rust I saw on the whole car

-all the guages/lights/options function except the power antenna

The Bad:

-you have to connect the heater core, five minutes of work and $5 of hose

-the headliner is in perfect shape except it has these strange "dots" on it, see the lest picture below

-the driver's side door was sagging and scraped the trim

-there is a small tear and rust on the passenger rear section of the carriage top

-the replaced fin without striping

-the trim behind the bumper has cuts where the bumper was pushed into (reason unknown, like that when I got it)

-AC was updated and "works" but the "climate control" module is bad (I think) so the blower motor only blows at low speed

-the power antenna doesn't work but the Pioneer CD/MP3 with new speakers does


I have many more detailed pics of the car if you are interested. Send me an email at:




In this picture below you can see the engine compartment. The obviously new brakes one the right and the slightly less obvious capped off heater core (blue plastic caps that come on it from the factory to keep dirt out) on the left.


I have absolutely no idea what is going on with this headliner. I've never seen that before and I've owned quite a few antique cars. It was like that when I bought it and I have no idea whether this is the original or a recovered one.